.204 ruger or 22-250 for S.Texas Deer and Paper?

I'm looking at the Savage Rifle in .204 Ruger and 22-250. I have seen the 22-250 take down a deer shot through the neck. I know the 204 is a fast bullet. I would like to get either of these to shoot paper and deer. I live in the Castroville Tx area. Any comments on the caliber to use? I don't want to spend too much on a rifle and was thing about the Savage 16FXP3 package.


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Out of those choices, go with the 22-250 as you can get larger bullet weights. I personally would opt for a .243 or a 25-06 over both those listed as they are good on varmints and provide adequate bullet weight for deer. The savages are great guns and their budget Stevens models are very well made. I have one in .223 and it shoots as well as my Savages in .308 and .204.

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the 22-250 is a great gun only if u use 55 balistic tips now the only down fall about these 2 guns are if u dont hit bone they wont drop theyll haul *** .

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Neither one. The .204 is a .20 caliber, and the .22-250 is a .22 caliber. Sure, if you can always assure a solid neck hit, but there are so many better, true deer calibers.

A .308 Winchester is better. At the very least chose a .243 Winchester. I use a .25-06 Remington, 6.5 Remington Magnum, .270 Winchester or a .30-06 Springfield.

Happy hunting.


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Choose a larger caliber, the Savage Package deals come in a wide variety of calibers, .308 is a good choice for deer and paper, cheap surplus ammo for paper and more cheap factory ammo for deer.

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First off, check to see which caliber is legal to use on deer in your area. If you really have to use one of the two, go with the 22-250 using either Nosler Partition or Barnes X Bullet. But a bigger caliber would be better.

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Neither is legal or moral for deer hunting. Get a larger gun.

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