"Feminine" pocket knife?

Question:Thanks for looking at this.

I am looking for a pocket knife that isn't too large, thick, bulky, etc, but I want a blade longer than 1.5". My main purpose for this knife would be for cutting tape and string (I own a horse and opening haybales is almost an everyday occurance). Basically, I would like a thin knife that has a 3" blade that is sturdy. I just want a very basic one, no need for nail files, scissors, etc. Just a plain knife that is slender.

My question is if you know of any place (website or store) I could get one? Also, I don't want to spend a lot. Preferably no more than $35.



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I'm gonna suggest a Cold Steel Voyager, with three inch blade.
It ain't super slim, but it is very light, and they are just about the toughest knives I've ever used...and I've used just about everything: spyderco, benchmade, buck, old timer, case, western, kershaw...Find your model at

then buy it on Ebay really cheap.

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Um tough question, but would suggest a lock knife is a must just for safety reasons, good luck with your quest and getting more answers

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Buck makes a wide variety of folding knives and I am sure that you could find what you want. They are widely available at retail outlets or online. Try this to see them: http://www.buckknives.com/
and click on every day knives.

Good luck!

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look kershaw knives they have alot of styles that are very good quality

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go to claires they some thats so cute

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Try Ebay? They have alot. Large selection, low prices, you can't beat it. kershaws are good but expensive. buck makes nice knives, but arent that girly. they do have a few though that are, they are around 20 bucks.

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Try dicks sporting goods or cabelas

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I love this knife!!


I think it'll do you well. And "TimberWolf" is a good knife.

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