.25 caliber bullets as opposed to .22 caliber long rifle?

Question:I have an AMT Lightning 25/22 rifle.

I've shot .22 rimfire bullets with it and enjoy this gun a lot.

But I've never bought bullets in .25 caliber which I guess this rifle accepts. Is there a certain type of .25 round I need to look for? Or as long as it says 25 it will work just fine in my rifle? Do you think its worth buying .25 ammo. I never hear anything about this caliber.


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That's a model 25 AMT in .22 caliber. There is no gun that will chamber and fire a .22 rimfire and a .25 in the same barrel. Different bore diameter for one thing and the other is ignition. The rimfire is struck on the rim of the cartridge to fire and the .25 is a centerfire, although .25 rimfires did exist quite a few years ago.

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well the 25 is faster

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Unless your gun came with two different barrels and two different magazines I don't see how it can fire both the .25acp and .22 rimfire. I think it may be a model 25 in .22 Long Rifle caliber?

In any case, the .22 Long Rifle is a superior round and less costly, too. The .25acp has poor, if any, expansion and will cost more per box of fifty. The .25 is too costly to plink with and only serves as a very last ditch, better-than-nothing defensive round.


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