7.62 South African mil surplus ammo marked "B07/81"?

Question:I purchased some 7.62 x 51 mm mil surplus ammo marked 'B01/81" on the box. For use in a Remm 700p LTR chambered for .308

I've read from a few people that it is good, reliable, accurate etc mil surplus ammo.

I've also read that that 'B01/81" signifies it was manufactured in 1981. How long is this stuff good for?! I'm *very* surprised that ammo is still good from 1981.

Thanks !


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If it's been kept fairly dry it will be perfectly fine to use. I regularly use 7.62R ammunition that was manufactured before WWII, and it is still good. With older ammunition you'll have more duds than with newer ammo, but it is still generally usable for decades. If it is in a sealed tin then it can last even longer. I had a sealed can of ammo dated 1917 that I was able to shoot just fine. Watch out for hang fires though. If a round doesn't go off when you pull the trigger, wait 30 seconds before ejecting it.

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I just shot several rounds of that ammo in my M1A. It is fairly accurate and functioned reliably. The biggest problem is that you will have a hard time reloding it as it is berdan primed, not boxer. Also be advised that it is full metal jacket, therefore should not be used for hunting

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The South African is some very good stuff. Ammo stays good for a very long time when properly stored. South Africa actually broke their own laws by putting that ammo onto the civilian market, their procedure is to destroy all surplus arms. :'[

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Man if the ammo is milsurp and stored in sealed crates, it'll last for longer than you'll live. I've purchased surplus Yugoslavian 8mm mauser rounds from the 1950's and it was fine. Older milsurp ammo is almost always corrosive, so you have to wash out your rifle afterwards, but functions fine.

Military surplus ammo crates are usually sealed in the wood with sheet metal so it is 100% protected from the elements.

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South African surplus is great. I have a partial case of some left from 1978. Mine fires just as good as new stuff. Yes what you read is typical of south african, thats why its a bit tough to find at the moment. Rumor is the supply dried up.

Ammo will last a long time, the most important storage rules are store in a low humidy environment at a constant temperature and preferably in an airtight container. Mine is kept in .50 ammo cans with rubber seals. I toss in a few silica packs and store them in my basement. They stay aroung mid 60 degrees year round.

The other guy that posted got me beat with old ammo. The oldest I shot is some Greek 8mm from 1938 and it works perfect.

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