1861 springfield rifle-musket accuracy?

I target shoot with this rifle alot and I think is reasonably accurate but I cannot find any info on how accurate the rifle could or should be. My accuracy is at 150 yards I can keep at least 6 shots within a 8 inch circle from firing from a bench rest and from the standing position I can keep it within a 12 inch circle. I just can't seem to find anyone or anything who knows about the accuracy of this firearm and I would like to know if I could be doing better or if the rifle is not capable of anymore accuracy due to the design. Any info would be great


I have an SKS with a screwed in barrel. Is this better than a pinned in barrel?

Well, I'm impressed. You a hitting a paper picnic plate at 150 yards?
That's better than I thought.here's some links that may be interesting

I have an old 350 cc honda bike. I just wonder if anybody try to make one into a atv with any success?

If you have an older gun like the one you shoot with I would not mess with the accuracy of it because that gun would be worth a good amount of money in the future especially if it is an 1861.But most guns at that period of time are usually off an inch or 2 either to the left or right I cannot remember.

1894 38/55 Winchester Rifle made in 1905; value or web sight info?

That's about as good as it gets!

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