Are the high power electric airsoft guns loud like the spring airsoft guns?


Plz plz help (heelys)?

Yes, High End AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) are loud. Due to the fact that AEGs put out more power than most Spring Guns (With the exception of Spring Sniper Rifles, I.E. CA M24) they typically create a much louder noise. Most AEGs resemble the actual sound of a Firearm, but much quieter. From experience I know that AEGs are much louder than Spring guns due to the fact that the Motors and Gears make a whirring noise and a pop when fired.

New paintball guns?

You hear the whine of the motor along with the noise of the gun shooting. The sound of a single discharge is roughly the same with a spring gun as with an AEG (auto-electric gun), but with an AEG, of course, you get a string of shots when in the full auto mode, in combination with the sound of the motor.

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