Caught some carp in the ditch near highway and cleaned them real good, tastes fine, are they safe to eat?


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Don't really have an answer for ya', but from what I've heard the best way to cook Carp is by BBQ'ing, ya' eat the BBQ and throw the Carp away (no offense meant to all Carp fishermen). I've caught Carp before and I can say one thing they will put up one hell'uva fight!! All jokin' aside I've eaten Carp one time and that was enough, however it's like anything in the wild, it is how it's prepared. Washin' it in Ammonia? Maybe by soakin' it in a salt brine overnight might be the way ta' go?

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Apparantly, you have already eaten them, so ---- how are you feeling??

Gun ownership?

Unless that ditch runs along a drainage route for a chemical plant, or takes the run-off from a chemically treated lawn, I think the fish would be just fine. Carp is not my favorite eating fish, but if you have a smoker, smoke the fish. Carp are excellent prepared that way.

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Kind of late to be asking that question, isn't it?

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i wouldnt eat carp regardless of where you caught them. they are bottom dwelling crap eaters. nasty nasty.

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Carp are bottom dwellers and so they eat stuff off the bottom like trash. Soo I hope you are not sick!

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