Airgun Ammunition and power?

Question:If I want to be able to hit a squirrel in the head with an airgun pellet so hard that his entire body flips around in a summersault...

What Air Rifle should I buy OR.

...what ammo type should I use and how many FPS would do the trick?


Browning citori?

GAMO 1250 -

1250 FPS and hits with over 12 Foot pounds.

Can you swithch from baqucil to chlorene in the middle of the season in a swimming pool? How would i do that?

Forget that!

Get yourself a bow, use some arrows with field points or blunts, and watch the furry little bugger get turned inside out!

Less cruel and more cool.

Thank you for the advice about the ruger (gun) wrote gun for the catagory?

Quit using toys and get a .17HMR, young redneck.

Have you ever gone streaking ?

A Beeman R-1


Between those two they should just about cover everything you would ever need or want to know about airguns...

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