Is it appropiate to let a 12 year old have a gas airsoft gun?


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Depends on how responsible they are.

Airsoft help please.?

eh. my lil bros have some, one's 13 the other's 11. the go out all the time and shoot at each other (with painball masks on). it gets of themm off the tv, into fresh air, and outta my hair

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it'll get him used to knowing how to handle and respect the power of a weapon.
plus they're way fun!

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no way!

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Boys will be boys, if a 12 year old has a responsible adult (hopefully a guy) to show him how to use it and caution him not to be foolish with the gun, then let the boy feel like a young man and let him have it. My brother has had guns of that sort his whole life. He is even now building his own. So you never know where a interest like that will lead.

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As long as they have a safety check first. If you dint know about talk to someone who knows. It important that they treat them as "real" guns. That way when they get one they wont have developed bad habits. I had a bb gun younger than that. I learned on a 22 with my Dad first. Remember safety first.

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make sure everyone who is around it or uses it has the proper eye protection and follows whatever rules you lay down. Once you have rules do not allow any exceptions. Having a gun, even an airsoft, is a responsibility and kids can learn a lot from the experience

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