357 magnum muzzle flash?

Does a .357mag pistol really put off a lot of muzzle flash? I saw this picture on the net of a guy firing a .357 and I don't know if it was a doctored picture or what, but there was a flame ball that looked about 2 feet in diameter around the muzzle. what gives?


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Yep that sounds about right. Most people don't understand "Muzzle flash" and just what it looks like. Sorry I can not go into depth about my training but, the larger the caliber the larger the flash.
Night training is a hole new ball game, look at your target, squeeze off a round, now what happens to your target, your blind from the flash and you can't see for a follow up shot.

So many want BIG GUNS for home protection but don't know this because they have not experienced it for them self's.

Here is a simple and safe test to do at home.

Take a camera flash and set it on manual full power, go into a room close the door, shades and off with the lights. Try and pick out an item, push the test button and notice what happens next...temporary blindness.

It's even worst with your firearm because your camera flash does not have recoil.

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It does. However, you have to snap the picture at just the right time to get the biggest flash. The flash is just that--a flash. It is only there for a 10th of a second. A lot of times they will take the picture and fire the gun with the lights out in the dark. This makes the flash more visible and appear bigger than it would in regular light.

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Awesome sight isn't it pure power i night shoot allot and the magnums really give it a flash you think thats interesting try a 44mag

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Yes it does. Though it depends on the .357 Magnum pistol, and depends on what powder is used in the cartridges it's firing. A Ruger SP-101 with a two-inch barrel will produce a lot more muzzle flash than, say, a Colt Python with an eight-inch barrel (on the account of there being a lot more powder still burning when the projectile exits the barrel.) Winchester 110 grain .357 Magnum loads produce a big, bright, obvious ball of fire, whereas COR-BON loads produce a less-obvious flash. One uses WW231 powder, which always burns very brightly. The other uses flash-suppressed powders suitable for use in dim environments.

And, as has been said, muzzle-flash is always brief, and is only noticeable when it's dark. The darker the surroundings, the more obvious the muzzle-flash.

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It does indeed! I once owned a Ruger .357 with 2.75" barrel. When I shot it, it nearly burned off my eyebrows and deafened me. It has more muzzle blast than my other .357's with 4" and 6" barrels. That is due to much powder burning outside the gun in a short barrel. To diminish muzzle blast and flash, use long barrels and/or handload for a specific barrel. One can diminish even the worst offenders with proper handloads.

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The photo was probably genuine, however it was taken in low light conditions with the shutter of the camera open for a few seconds. Thus, the image of the fireball looks a lot more dramatic as it burns onto the camera as a flash.

Take a look at the photo below of a Mosin carbine, same principal. You can hardly see this flash with the naked eye during daylight. The photo process really exaggerates it.

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Yes sir, it does. I have a 2 n 3/4" Ruger and a 4" & 6" Python. Shooting 125 Remington ammo in an indoor shooting range (average indoor lighting) the Ruger & 4" Python made me blink from the flash each time I shot them. I was actually surprised. The 6" Python made a slightly smaller flash but the other two were really, really bright. Those 110 & 125 grain .357 Magnum loads will really light up the night.


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Yes, it's pretty impressive. The most impressive muzzle flash is pulling both triggers on a double barreled shotgun. Ouch, but what flash.

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all firearms have muzzle flash. It is the unburned powder hitting the air and igniting. The shorter the barrel the larger the flash because there is more unburned powder. Because the powder does not have the time to burn in the barrel.

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Just goes to show you how much energy is lost when the cartridge is fired from a short barreled handgun. Its true, back when the police depts were issuing this as a duty gun, this became a big issue and lead to lower flash powders.

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