Guess how many yards I once punted a corn cob?

We used to punt corn cobs and measure how far they went. the person with the correct guess(or closest to it) will win the question.


Where is your favorite bass fishing lake, impoundment, river etc.?

65 yards

How can I get scratches off my Oakley sunglass lenses?

1.333 repeating

Who owns the land within a British National Park?

eight yards.

Would like to learn about attaching more than one fly to my fishing line?

23 yards! =)

Can anyone tell me what is the value of a mossberg 5500 12 gauge shotgun..??


How do i take apart a johnny morris baitcaster?

31 feet, sounds like fun lol

Hunting labs?

i dont know because that is a stupit question

I need a 12 gauge double barrel.?

the length of the NFL field

Is it legal to use a Ruger 10/22 LR Caliber Rifle in Arkansas to hunt deer?

two cows and a barn mouse

Can I hunt wild boar on vacation in Carcassonne France?


Its deer season?

With the right contact.I'd say 45 yrds

In the barbaric sport of fox hunting, Hunters often shout out when a fox is sighted.?


I Need to know what is golden marlin fish bait.Can anyone tell me.thanks?

45 yards.

How do you fold a quick pitch ss tent?


Can anyone tell me how much a pawn shop should give me for a newish mosberg 20 gauge shot gun?

I believe this would be point gaming, which constitutes abuse.

Does anyone know anything that will work as a substitute for wax for rails for skateboarding?


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