Will my freezer stink?

I ate all last years fish and moose meat. So I cleaned out my freezer and spreyed it with bleech inside, closed it up and turned it off.


What accessorys should I get for my ''Daisy" BB gun?

old and valid trick... learned it form my mom. clean the insides with a liqiud frangnat soap... clean and dry it.
after that... use a clean towel / tissue..dip it in apple vinegar... and coat it to the insides. ... there will be no odor.

Whats the best loads for a Kimber 1911 cambered in .45 ACP?

it might. stick some baking soda in there

Best way to fish wet flies?

put a bowl full of vinegar and it wud be gone in an hr

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Don't turn it off.leave it on lowest setting at least. if you turn it off it will stink no matter how good you've cleaned it..

Zombie Silhouette Targets for Shooting Ranges?

Leave it open.

What is something you should not forget to take with you when going camping?



baking soda absorbs oders but if you had to add bleach some liquid must have leaked out

What do non-toxic rounds do?

you need to leave it open. you don't have to have it open all the way but put something in the door to hold it open 2 or 3 inches so air circulates in it. otherwise yes, it will smell when you open it. it would do that even without the bleach.

What would be a common pistol that was available for the general public that was made before the year 1920?

hell yeah it will stink like death! i think u have to wipe it with baking soda & splash vinegar EVERYWHERE in that freezer. or is it the other way round? :p

whichever d case, both ways should work. if not... TRASH IT! get yourself a brand new one.

cheers to that! eewww... *shivers*

Does anyone Throw HorseShoes anymore?

Get a box of Arm and Hammer baking soda, open it up and stick it in and leave it in for about a week tops and that should do it.

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