Air soft guns?

What is it, do you hunt with it?


I want to go carp fishing in chipstead surrey at any day ticket water, any idea,s?

no. it shoots plastic bbs and is mostly harmless, except for some welts from the most powerful ones. What youre looking for are AIRGUNS, used for hunting small animals and target practice.

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by definiton airsoft is owning a gun/havin a collection of replicas and playing a few times(meaning a war). Airsoft guns are ussually less powerfull (most powerfull allowed to be sold on websites is 700 fps) and shoot 6mm calliber plastic bbs.These guns are harmless to shoot(the most you get is a welt) at people but do not do it wihtout their premission or if you are in a war because it can (you could get your eye or tooth shot out trust me my frinds shot my tooth out) hurt them. Most states have different laws concerning airsoft such as new york you have to have a licence. This is a brief explination of airsoft post more questions in general outdoor(thats where i ussuallu am) for any more concerns.

For hunting you want an airgun.These guns shoot .117 calibr bbs and can peg small game.They ussually require a licence to hunt with.

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An airsoft gun is a low velosity B/B gun that shoots hard plastic B/Bs a little larger than the metal bbs we all grew up with.There are some that are batt. powered fully automatic,there alot safer than regular bb guns.You can put on safty glasses and play war with them.But keep in mind they are guns so dont develope any bad habits,allways use caution.I caught my children pionting them at each others as if they were toys AKA bad habit

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Negative, unless your hunting your friends in a war playing game. All airsoft guns are, are replicas of real weapons but only shoot out round soft bb's. Different forms of these weapons, i.e. electric, gas. Just fun play around weapons.

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