12 Gauge or 20?

What do you prefer?


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I wount look at this from my point of view but my grandfathers.
Where there is no real difference between the guns the 12 may have a slight bit more range,
My grandfarther been the age that he is would choose the 20 since it way considrable less than his 12 and when your out on a game shoot/ walking i suppose that makes a diference at his age.
I think for a pearson to find that there is not much difference between the 2 guns they should give the 20 bore a go.
Its all about personal phreferance at the end of the day.
Happy hunting

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12...it just seems to me to be a little more" reach out and touch someone!"

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12 GA, trying to get my wife into skeet shooting, 20 GA would be a little more her speed (due to her size and GREAT dislike of recoil)

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Prefer for what?

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What are you shooting, if for home protection anything that's a pump you pump it and who's ever in the house is as quickly out of the house. Hunting deer or wild turkey 12 GA for birds 20GA more of a challenge thus a sport.

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I have children and more 12-bores than kids, so I can actually lay my hands on one of them when I want.

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If you're going to hunt larger game or large birds I would suggest a 12 gauge. A 20 gauge is ok for rabbits, squirrels, low flying birds and other small game. If you want something all purpose, go with the 12 gauge. In response to Rambo's answer, there should already be a shell in the chamber in that situation. The first sound the intruder hears should be his last.

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I prefer the .12 Gauge. The .20 seems a bit small for me.


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I am an avid trap shooter and I prefer a 12g. I chose a gun that is a little on the heavy side, with a longer stock so I can pull it right into my shoulder (I also have a morgan pad) It really helps with the recoil. I even shoot 3 dram bullets. We go out three to four nights a week and shoot 100-125 rounds a night. Oh yeah... I'm a girl!

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I think it depends on your physical size. For teenagers, smaller build men, women, or elderly people, a 20 gauge might be preferable. I would go with a 20 if I was concerned about recoil.

Otherwise, stick with the 12 gauge.

Isn't .357 a magnum and therefore it doesn't have a magazine?

? What is your intention, clay pigeons, upland birds, water fowl or deer.

Upland: 20 is a good choice and if you want more punch go with the 12.

Water fowl & deer: 12.

I have both plus the 10ga., it just depends on what I after and where I am hunting.

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the 12 gauge speaks with authority 20 gauge is a nice light gun for going out all day in the field. 12 gauge is a heavy gun to carry all day in the field. you can get good loads for the 20 gauge that matches th 12 gauge.

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I reload for both and prefer the 20 gauge. I can break clays and drop doves just as far with the 20 as the 12.
1. The 20 gauge shotgun is usually lighter that the 12.
2. The 20 uses less shot and powder than the 12, so it is cheaper to load (although prices of new boxes of ammo don't reflect this).
3. The 20 has less recoil.
4. The 20 is not as loud.
5. With less shot, 20 gauge spare rounds are lighter to carry than the 12 gauge.

The advantage of the 12 gauge becomes apparent when shooting longer range for larger game such as turkey, duck, and geese.

I own both because I enjoy shooting the 20 gauge and I have a need for the added horsepower of the 12 gauge.

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12 gauge. It's more versatile, and the most popular. You'll never have trouble finding ammo of any kind for it. If you're in good shape, you should have no problem with a 12 gauge. If your shotgun chamber is 3", or even better, 3 1/2", you can use loads just as powerful as a 10 gauge anywhere to the mild 2" European loads.

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i like um both but if i had to chose one or the other 12 for versatility. I can do so much more with with. but agreeably if i was a lot better wing shot i should be able to use the 20 for all types of birds...but the added punch for waterfowl and turkey by stepping up to 3.5 inch shells makes it a comparison of 10 ga or 20 ga which do you like?
12 ga

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