Advice for gymnastics?

I am a level 7 and all of a sudden afraid to go backwards in tumbling from bailing out a lot. Any Tips?


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well i used to be the same way till one day i wwent for it. yes your going to be afraid but you have to fight htough it. i have had to continue tumblings after i got my concusion from doing my back flip. yes i afraid but i make sure my coach is thier to spot and help me get throug it till i am secure with doing the skill. so relax and take your time and you will get your skills flipping backwards. things will work out great.!!!!!

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Just don't think so much and once you do it a few times and gain up the confidence then it will come back to you.

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Do more backbends or stretching exercises

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go slowly. i had the same problem for a whiletoo, but i just went kinda deliberitly and worked at it. do some of the basics and build up again.

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My friend had the exact same problem that you had. The best thing for you to do it to take things slowly and slowly get back into. Start with simple thing like backwalkover or even backward rolls and then slwoly work you self back up.

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