Best ice skates for a novice(child) ice skater??

I need to find good skates for a little girl who wants to be the next Nancy Kwan..


Who else around here is a gymnast or wants to be one?

If she is seriously into ice skating and you plan on taking her to lessons and the whole deal.. The best bet is to take her to a skate shop (there is sometimes one at the rink where she will take lessons) and have them professionally fitted. It is quite pricey but it is worth it to get the best performance out of your skates.

If it is something she just wants to try out and see what she feels about it then you can just pick up a nice pair at your local sporting goods store. Just pick up your classic white ice skate with the teeth on the front of the blade (dont buy hockey skates is what I'm getting at) and make sure they are fit to her foot and not big on her.

Good luck!

D'you think tobogganing should be an Olympic sport?

Any specialized skate shop dealing in competitive skating and do you mean Michelle Kwan, or Nancy Kerrigan or are you doing a new cloned human being of the two combined?

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