Are there any dvds of Scott Hamilton the ice skater and him only? Like the best of or something like that?


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Yes...Scott Hamilton has a 'Best of' DVD. It think you can get it off the Stars On Ice Website. Or, check out Rainbo Sports. They have a catalog that has almost every skaters 'Best Of' DVD you can think of plus books on skating technique, skaters and such. They also have skates and other items skaters or skating enthusiasts would enjoy. Scott also wrote a phenomenal book called "Landing It- My Life On and Off the Ice" which details his skating career from day one, his family, his cancer and recovery from it. A wonderful book I was lucky to get signed by Scott a few years ago at a Stars on Ice meet and greet. I was so excited to meet him, He is a genuine person and a lot shorter than you think. He has a kind heart and I got to talk to him for almost 20 minutes and get a photo. He is truly one of the best male skaters the US has ever had and a fitting Olympic Champion. Hope this helps. You could also try typing Scott Hamilton DVDs into Yahoo! search and you might come up with more what you are looking for...or try Ebay. But I do know he has a "Best of" DVD b/c I have it. I'd tell you who produced it and such but I am in the process of moving and all my DVDs are already packed. Good Luck in your search!

Who wants to...?

i dont know

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