Any former competitive gymnasts wish you had not been? Was it worth the time, $$, and impact on your body?


What do you think of this televised Olypmics?

My girlfriend was a college gymnast, she loved it, she is still in great shape.
I ran track in college, and my hips,knees and ankles hurt everyday, though i'd still do it.
she is still light on her feet.
Being a college athlete was a cool part of our life.

Do u think gymnastics should be in the olympics?

Yes it does hurt!It's sometimes feels like injurie after injurie.But after all the great expirences you learn that it was worth it!

Can anyone tell me where I can download videos of Russian gymnast Alexei Nemov?

d $$$ is definately wurth it !
like d doha asian games.. in gymastics d winner of a gold medal gets USD10.000 and in olympics its USD100000.00 !
my mom has been a gymnast since 9, right now she is a coach and she is healthy. about the time?
if u really love d sport. and ur really into it why not.

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