Anyone else think it's ironic that the London Borough to host the 2012 Olympic Games only has 4 gyms?!?

I live in Stratford in Newham (East London) and the council are always banging on about how great the Olympics will be for local residents. I just think it's crazy that all this money is being pumped into a place that won't be able to nurture its budding athletes. At the moment the shortest possible journey to my nearest gym takes 40 minutes (providing the buses are on time) because there are only 4 in the whole borough, and, as a matter of fact, my nearest gym isn't even in Newham! How long does everyone else travel to get to the gym? When are Fitness First/LA Fitness/Holmes Place/Esporta gonna start opening up gyms in my local area?!


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What's really ironic is that the country that is hosting the 2012 olympic games hasn't got a decent athlete.

I'm British by the way...

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Not really wanting to be a pessimist but.. I just cant see this being anything but a disaster. I work in London (thank God I don't live there) getting about is an absolute nightmare. Imagine... Its bad enough during Wimbledon and the Chelsea flower show and they are minuscule by comparison. How long has Ken L got left?

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I think the whole Olympic bid is a joke and is going to end up as a massive embarrassment for the UK. The country has never nurtured athletes - alternative career paths for sportspeople are non-existent.

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ironic there only athlete is david beckham and now that is all he is going to play for and retire right after and so is john rooney. but yes 4 gyms is ironic.

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