Are all the routines the same in Gymnastics?

Cause I was at youtube and I looked at level 4 and 6 and they were all the same music and moves.


Why did they .?

At most gymns, levels 1-3 do not compete.
Levels 4-6 are compulsory, which means they all learn they same routine and all preform the same skills. This is the introduction to cometition.
Levels 7 and 8 are the introduction to optional gymnastics. Optional gymnasts all have their own specialized routine with their best skills in it, and the skills in their routine must fit certain requirements. They start with a 10, and deductions are taken from there.
Levels 9 and 10 are also optional, but the requirments are harder, and they do not start with a 10. They must get bonus points for preforming skills and connections to start with a 10. After that, deductions are taken.
Elite gymnasts all have their own routines and now go by a new scoring system, where the gymnast gets points for her diffuculty or skills, and then has points taken fron her execution score (10) for artistry, composition, execution, and technique... and those two scores add to their final score. The top gymnasts in the nation get about a 15 or 16 for their scores.
Try searching optional gymnastics, or the name of some famous gymnasts (like nastia liukin or shawn johnson) on youtube to see a optional floor routine :)

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no lol just from the 1st level to level 6 i think

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Each level from 1 to 6, has different music and different routines, but they are the same within that level. For instance, all girls in Level 5 will do the same routine, but once they move to level 6, it is a different routine than level 5 but all girls do the same level 6 routine. Once they get to level 7 they get to pick their own music and their routines are choreographed especially for them.

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levels 1-6 have similar music but VERY different skills in one you do a roll in 6 u do a tuck in 4 u do one handspring in 5 you do 2
then in levels 7-10 you pick your music and get it choreographed

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Gymnast1027 is right, but level 7 is optional.You don't need to compete it to move to level 8, which is non-compulsary.

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