Are you planning to go to the 2010 olympics?

Question:in vancouver canada?
it made my house go up 100,000 in value :-)


What is a good triple-jump length? Olympic? High School? College?

my mom has an apartment in vancouver, she is probably happy that property prices keep going up and up in that city...after the way houses tripled in price after expo 86 there is no saying what will happen...
i will watch on TV, but no i wont go... like the other guy said the hockey is the only good part now

Isn`t it time we handed the Olympics back?

no way, personally i find the olympics , boring and a waste of time, and as such why anyone other than participants and their friends and family's would go to the expense is beyond me !, and why be a spectator, if you are not a direct active participant in something, then you are a ?

What was the music in Matt Savoie's free skate program Thursday at the Olympics?

No. I probably won't watch it on TV either. The Olympics has lost much of its luster since they loosened up the amateur rules. All these athletes are professionals. Don't get me wrong, I still appreciate their ability, but we'll never see anything like the 1980 USA Hockey team again.

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