Calculate runs for athletes of hepthlon ,decathlon?

Question:How the officials convert the time of the sprints, height of high jump etc to a score ,of above two major titles . plese explain the formulae

thanks for your time


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The scales for these multi event sports are altered every so often. In the decathlon, the tables were revised in 1962, 1971 and 1977. They were also changed in 1985.

The heptathlon was changed to the pentathlon (from 5 events to 7) in 1984. To my knowledge the point system hasn't changed.

The awarding of points is somewhat arbitrary. Some athletes are better at, for example, sprints, hurdles and long and high jump events while others excel in weight events, namely the shot, the discuss and the javelin. Everyone seems to hate the 1500...

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Points are awarded on a straight line relationship against performance.
In track events, points decrease with increasing time,
In field events, points increase from zero performance

Track events are calculated by the formula P = a*(b-T)^c,
where P is the number of Points scored
a, b and c are parameters in the table below
T is the Time in seconds (note well for 1500m)

Jumps are calculated by the formula P = a*(M-b)^c,
where P is the number of Points scored
a, b and c are parameters in the table below
M is the Measurement in centimetres jumped

Throws are calculated by the formula P = a*(D-b)^c,
where P is the number of Points scored
a, b and c are parameters in the table below
D is the Distance in metres thrown

Where manual timing is used, points are calculated by adding a standard adjustment factor to the time, which is: 0.24 sec for events below 400m and 0.14sec for 400m. There are no adjustments for events above 400m.

Points values are rounded down to the nearest integer in all cases.

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