An Asian athlete has been stripped of their medal.?

At the Asian olympics because they failed a gender test, who do you think might fail a gender test in every day life.


What do i have to do to be an Olympic soccer player?

a worker called sandra at my place, every1 calls here the thing no one is too sure what it is lol

fatima whitebread or something like that she was def manly

Who is the fastest swimmer in the Olimpic on backstroke?

Lily Savage

Is there an age limit for competing in the Olympics?

no, i don't think so

What should indian do to win 20 gold medals in 2006 olympics?

Ann Coulter

Which was the first asian country to host the olimpics game?

Tessa Sanderson. The ex javalin thrower.

I think she did so well because she had the upper hand if you know what I mean.

Who is worlds fastest 100 metres runner?


Whats the best thing to do when youve won first place and ur girl freind didnt win anything?

you maybe be able to change your sex but you cant change you DNA

Which countries got the most gold medals?

David Arquette's other sister, not Patricia or Rosanna there's another I just saw in People magazine, wondering if it was a male that got the operation or just an ugly girl

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