About gymnastics teams?

Question:I am curious about gymnastics teams. Like how many on a team? If you have a meet or competition, how many can you send to it? (I know the rules probably vary depending on the jurisdiction -- the Romanian federation probably has different rules from the olympics which might vary again from the Ukrainian federation, etc.)

I know that with a hockey team, for example, you can have forty players on the team, but can only dress eighteen skaters and two goalies for any given game. What are the rules about the size of gymnastics teams?


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u can have as many people as you want on a usag team. in high school gymnastics the total number of people on the team is up to the coach but then only six to eight people on each event at the competition. In the olympics you can also only have a certain number of people on the team as well. You probably know that though.

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you can have as many as u need i am a gymnast i have 12 people on my team there could be more

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