Can you become Japanese (naturalized) and represent Japan in the Olympics?

I am a sprinter who is moving to Japan to work for the experience but was wondering that if I decide to live there permanently can I run for Japan in the Olympics? I heard the country is racist to some extent and may not allow this as I am black... any thoughts? BTW i love Japan!


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it's not because of the racism,men.this is only a defference of the way the government treats immigrants. so it doesn't depend on your race at all. i mean,it's very difficult to get a japanese citizenship for anyone who is not a japanese,even if you marry a japanese.

yet,there is a lot of sports players who've become a japanese.
see some succer players,sumo players and such who are from europe or south america.
so i can say that there is a possibility,though it might be pretty hard.

are you ready to lose your american citizenship,by the way?
having two nationalities is prohibited by japaese low.

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Canadian and other foreign hockey players (who have Japanese ancestry) have already done it.

Don't expect it to happen unless it's a sport that the Japanese have no chance of winning themselves. Anything they've taken to they excel at.


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