Are there any high level gymnastists out there that could help me??I'm in level 8ish 9ish.?

Hey, I'm In level 8 gymnastics, and I qualify for worlds.(I'm only 11, so I wont go for awhile)I was wondering how often other gymnasts simalar to my level compete?I compete like every weekend, and some on the weekdays. I live in Mississippi, and I train at Planet gymnastics.


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I agree with Susan, or at least that's what it was before.

I quit about 2 years ago, but I was a level 9 gymnast. I used to compete a lot, about once a week, sometimes on major holidays. I loved the sport, and still do. I quit and moved on to do so much more, but I still love it!

What should i do?

You can't qualify for Worlds unless you're elite.

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i'm old and out of it but in illinois the gymnastic season is the same season as basketball it starts here before the holidays and ends in the early spring, we had a great coach that stayed in touch because he was a former champion too and we all got our medals from the knowledge of when to be at the meets, we once showed up in florida for the nationals silver springs and i was beat(took second grrrrrr!) by the local coachs own son who was ready to go and i was still groggy from a trip by car all the way there and had fifteen minutes to suit up and go into preliminaries, talent doesn't always win knowing where the meets are and when to be there is half the game

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If you are a level 8, then you are not an elite gymnast! Keep training hard and you may one day become an elite. Have you ever read the USA Gymnastic magazine? There are a couple of girls in there that are elite gymnasts and they are 11, like Shawn (peanut) Johnson, and a couple of girls from GAGE gymnastics out of Missouri.

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