!Why! were the FIRST Olympics held?


Who won the all around women's gymnastic in the 2004 Olympics?

A french person called De Couberton who was interested in sport studied Greece History and English Public Schools. These schools used sport for Social Contol (getting the boys to behave) and Muscular christianity (teaching them morals through sport). He liked the idea of using sport for peace, harmony and teaching morals. After looking at the ancient olympics of Greece he reintrodued them in 1896 in Athens Greece to join people together through Sport.

The ancient greek Games were held in Olympia hence the name Olympics. They were to worship and honour the Greek Gods.

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Can anybody tell where i can get the 2004 Athens olympic Basketball match DVD?

Because men wanted to run around and look at each other naked.

How many events did Canada lose/not get a medal in the Winter Olympics Torino 2006?

something about two city states in greece gathering in athens to prove whos the best man or something.
i learned about it last year but i dont really remember.
maybe that will spark some memory or some ways to find that answer?
good luck

On average,how man steps does a professional athlete take in a 100m race?

Because it is better to compete in sports than compete in war!

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