2012 Summer Olympics?

Question:After much consideration, I've decided to follow my dream of going to the olympics. I plan on training for the next 6 years and get into the 2012 olympics (I know the 2008 olympics are too soon). I plan on training for track for the USA team. However, I need to know the following (in men)...

Average height of athletes for track (short distance and long distance)

Average weight of athletes for track (short distance and long distance)

Average beginnning age for track athletes (important)

Average age for track athletes competing in olympics (for US)

Average years of training before making olympics for track

Thanks for the information.


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First of all, welcome to the UK! As you may recall, London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics (and as I would like to get involved in some form or another perhaps I might just bump into you, not literally mind). Anyway, on to your questions:

Mmm, well let's have a look at who won gold in Athens in 2004 for the US and see if we can get some pointers.
Justin Gaitlin (100m), 6ft 1 and 180lbs, born 1982
Shawn Crawford (200m), 5ft 11 and 165lbs, born 1978
Jeremy Wariner (400m), 6ft and 155lbs, born 1984
Team USA (4x400m Relay), HARRIS, Otis, 6ft 1 and 165lbs, born 1982
BREW, Derrick, 6ft 1 and 175lbs, born 1977
WARINER, Jeremy, 6ft and 155lbs, born 1984
WILLIAMSON, Darold, 6ft 2 and 170lbs, born 1983

So on average:

Height: 72.57 inches (6ft 0.6 inches)
Weight: 166.43 lbs
Birth Year: June 6th 1981 at 10.17am local time!

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