Anyone how much the 2008 Beijing Olympics are going to cost, anyone know London and Montreal's costs as well?


How long has Shawn Johnson been doing gymnastics?

12 to 14 billion.

Does it annoy you that so many athletes live, work, train, etc. in the US & then compete for other countries?

Who can answer that man surely its classified!

Can only amatuers compete in olmpics?

Personally, I'll be paying for the London Olympics.
The cost has already spiralled
earlier this year, the government _refused_ to accept that the games would go over budget - although, at the same time, they _refused_ to put a cap on the money which would be thieved out of the pockets of londoners to pay for the games.

we already know they are going to theive more than was originally planned. Every _neutral_ person who has looked at the funding issue says that this is just the start, and the costs will spiral.

I am planning to go on holiday for the time the games are on. london will be *hell* for us schmucks who have to travel into it every day.

I guess I'll probably be paying for these 2 weeks of shite, many years after they are gone and forgotten

I am search the web site of michal jonson of usa world record holder 200m,400m in athletics?

I don't know, but I got to see the construction of the arena where the 2008 Olympics will begin. It was pretty sweet.

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