Are Olympic Gold medals gold?

Are they solid gold or gold plated or just gold colored?


What country has accumulated the most Olympic gold medals since the beginning of the Olympic games?

they are gold plated

Every londoner has to pay 38pence for the olympics in 2012. i have no intrest in this so how can i be exempt?

gold plated

If i want to goto the '08 olympics, how early should i be purchasing the tickets?

1 guess gold

Apolo Anton Ohno and His GF Allison Baver?

No. They are gold plated.

What are the values embodied by the olympic games?

if i get it then i can tell you,but i guess it will not be gold because it is too expense and the olympic does not have enough budget.

What company makes custom pistols for the olympics?

i think they're gold.but the gold are expensive that means that in every olimpiads the olympic comitets doesn't have a lot of money but really i don't know i just guess:)

Looking for beaded trim about 3-4" wide to be cut and added to skirt of skating outfdit near hips like MK red

Gold medals really were gold from 1900 through 1912, since then they've been gold-plated silver.

How much is too much to host the Olympic games?

I think gold

Where can I buy DVD's of opening and closing of olympic games?

They're gold-plated silver.

Are those 100m sprinters amazing?

Definetly, theyre not gold. Gold is way too expensive. They could be metal colored with some special coloring graffiti or its gold plated. I'm not sure, but I no its definetly not real gold.

Competition 4?


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