Are the Winter Olympics live from Torino, Italy?


Will the 2008 beijing olympics be an economic failure?

Italy is six hours head of eastern time so some events are others aren't. If the event is shown at 4 am to mid afternoon then it is probably live.

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They are like 6-7 hours ahead of us, (eastern time zone), I doubt you'd find any live coverage, I could be wrong. But most of what you see on NBC and their Olympic coverage is taped.

Is anyone else watchin the USA *hammer the Swiss in women's hockey right now?

some of it is.

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Unfortunately, US television reflects US politics. They don't care about international events unless they serve their purpose, which, for US television, is making money. It's all very dissapointing especially for somebody who used to watch all Olympic events live and without commericals when I was living Europe. Of the little coverage there is, 90% is taped, in other words, out of date. And what NBC calls "live" coverage is really just a string of commercials with occasional snippets of heavily commentated "live" pictures. A pain to watch if what you are really interested in is the event itself.

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