Why did Mexico send no athletes to Olympics?


What professional athletes use caffeine to improve theri performance?

Mexica has no snow. They can't compete snow competitoins, if they can't practice.

When were the Olympic Games held in Barcelona, Spain?

they probably were not granted visas.=)

When do the Olympics in Beijing start?

because all the mexicans that can run jump or swim are in the USA! jkjkjkjk sorry that's just a joke I'be heard befor,
I think the reason why was because of certain difficulties inside the country

Does a coach earns more if his/her athletics win?

Ever see Cross country ski trails in Mexico?
Seen any hockey rinks in Mexico where they play hockey?
Ever see any luge or bobsled tracks in Mexico?

How would a Sabbatarian athlete be able to compete in the Olympics, if they can't compete on Saturday?

good Question

Should coaches 'get well soon' instead of verbattering playets? a more well quest for olympic wheelchairs?

That is a question you will have to address to the Mexican Olympic Committee

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