Don't you think perfomance enchantment drugs are good or bad? Why?


What 5 continents are in the Olympic Games?

I wish there were enchantment drugs

How often are the olympics played?

Bad. Sports are supposed to show the skills you were gifted with and have honed after many hours of practice. If you can get better by taking a drug, why not just replace you with a machine that can do it better?
Musicians have to get good with practice and there is no such thing as a performing enhancement drug for a musician, so why should sports get special treatment?

Totmianina/Marinin or Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze for gold in Torino?

I do believe that performance enhancing drugs (steriods) are bad because they take away from the sportmanship of sports. In a way I do think that it is a form of cheating, because any athlete that uses steriods in enhancing his/her athletic performance is doing so in an unnatural way. Those who excel at a sport should excel and be rewarded soley on their talent and discipline in training, not by injecting themselves with drugs. Also, steriods have been proven to have life threatening and even fatal consequences. Overall, in considering the moral and physical consequences of steriods I do not think that they are beneficial in anyway.

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