Can anyone here see Boston, MA ,USA hosting an Olypic Games? Summer or winter?


Who's your favourite olympic athlete?

No they spent all their money on the Big Dig and we know how that turned out.

What are the specifications for an Olympic standard swimming pool, an athletic stadium and an indoor stadium?

I cannot see the Summer or Winter Olympics held in Boston, MA but I could see a Pan American Games held in Boston.

What the name Olympics presidant?

If they have a good management team and present the right information, then I don't see why not. American is the only country powerful and rich enough to lobby the ICC and get the Summer Olympics every 16 to 12 years. The Winter Olympics is different because they have more competition from other European countries.

1980 Winter Games at Lake Placid, New York
1984 Summer Games at Los Angeles, California
1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Georgia
2002 Winter Games at Salt Lake City, Idaho

They have proven that they have the facilities and the skills to provide a successful bid every time and a track record to support their claim. So the answer is Yes.

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sorry no

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