Are transexuals allowed in the olympic games?


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Until very recently (like the 1996 or 2000 Olympics) the International Olympic Committee did genetic testing on all female athletes to ensure that they truly were women. No such testing were done on male athletes.

However, this testing is no longer done. The IOC feels that anyone who has gone through gender reassignment can compete as their new gender as long as their operation was at least 2 years prior.

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Maybe the freak olympics but otherwise no.thank goodness.

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I have to answer this question with one of my own. How would anyone know whether or not someone is transgendered if they are not obvious about it ( e.g. in the closet) ?! Seems to me that it would be rather difficult to tell if that were true of any one. Another thing- during the last Summer Games, there were only one or two openly gay athletes in the games, at least from the US. One of those was someone I have admired for a long time because of his skill and talent at winning competitions and medals. His name is Robert Dover, and he is a dressage rider on the equestrian team. I could care less about his sexual orientation- it has absolutely NOTHING to do with his riding skills or horsemanship. We need to get over this idea that gays are a threat to us all- they aren't, unless people make them into one !

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I dont know but for tennis a long time ago a guy became a women so he would be better.

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No, not in the form of females. Although regulations have been changed, testing for hormones is still done. The fact that men produce more than females will prohibit a transsexual from competing in female events. The fact that FEMALES would have to dope in order to compete on the same level as them is completely unfair.

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