Question:how do you keep your hair from coming loose in the pony tail when you tumble? do you use a special kind of hair tie, haoir spray, trick of any kind?



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Well i do bars, tramp, balance beam, and all that. And to keep my hair out of my face, i have to tie my hair up high and then tight and then sometimes it may come a little loose, but just tie it tight and up high. That's what i do. Hope i helped! =D

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they tie their hair when it is wet.

that's the trick

have a gr8 day

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Very simple!
I tumble, go on bars, floor, you name it i do it!
Number one: make a line in your hair and grab an equal amount from each side on the top.
Number two: Tie it in a hair tie then put a little hair spray A LITTLE!
Number three: Make another pony tail like you usually do , high or low.
Number 4: Hairspray , and make a braid.
Works best when your hair is wet.

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use a lot of rubberbands!!

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