Can I have a hamburger?


Be the commentator, reflect on what happend in the snowboarding olypics so far in the Torino 2006 Olimpic game

sure you can...they are tasty!

Where can I get a copy of the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics where Tiesto performed?

no fat asss

Who's going to win the basketball in the Olympics?

Go ahead and get one for me while you are there.

Do you have an olympic dream ? I do !?

as thin as you need three!

Can you be a good discus thrower without strength?

uhh . . . if u buy it.
what does this have to do with oympics

Is there any athelete who has participatd in more than one olympic competition?


How do you feel India can increase its prospects of winning the maximum number of medals at Olympics.?

don't forget the cheese !

Who is the most awarded athlete of the 1924 winter olympics?

What about a Boca Burger?

Does anybody know the name to diana dudeva's 1988 olympic floor music?

hellz naw fat girl. its called excircise

What is the Final B for in Winter Olympic Events?

ummmmm ya i think so..but it depends..would u like that without the bun? becuz we only serve them that way at burgermister

What is the difference between a triple axle and a triple lutz?

maybe 1, maybe not, just not before bed you'll gain weight if u do, try to burn it off if u do eat it!

Is the song that NBC always plays the official theme song for the Olympics?


Which college drinking game do you think should be made an Olympic Sport?

I think if you really really want a hamburger then you can have it. ;)

Has Jesse Owens ever been clocked running 60 miles an hour?

I see this is your very first question on Q&A. Maybe it was just a test. But, actually welcome and I know you will see that this is a very fun and informative site for any real questions you may have.

Oh, as far as having a hamburger, why not!

What is the sport curling about and why do they mop the floor in front of it?

as u please my dear! but is not time to eat yet so wait till... Lol haha u r funny xPP have a nice dayy girly =]]

Please Anyone can send every days spcial event celabration of 365 days of year. Like womens day so on/.?

Depends if you are watching your weight. Go right ahead! It's just one hamburger! ; ]

Who was the better athlete? seb coe or steve cram or steve ovett and why?

How about a grilled Chief MAx favorite Boca Burger instead

What are the advantages of using anabolic steroids in sports?

yah sure

What is the shotput throwing cartwheel technique for women (or men)?


Where can i get todays tape of the opening ceremony of the olympics?

As far as I know, hamburgers are not on the list of banned substances for Olympic athletes.

Is it true that cup stacking is now an Olympic sport?

they're very high in sodium and carbs (especially if you get the whole combo with the fries)...You definitely can eat a hamburger once in a blue moon, but try not to eat them often...Nobody needs to eat a hamburger if they're alternative (healthier) choices out there. Avoid the fries, and the regular drink...they can kill you! Any food can be bad if you abuse it...that's actually the key for a well balanced diet.

Does anyone have copies of New York's 2012 Olympic Bid Book?

What does wanting to eat a Hamburger Have To Do With the Olympics?

Could there be an olympic sport for being a "lazy idle git champion" - could I bovverd to get my gold medal

I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce
don't be frontin son no seeds on the bun
we be up in this drive thru order for two
i got the cravin for a number 9 like my shoe
we need some chicken up in here in this dizzle
forizzle my mizzle extra salt on the frizzle
Dr. Pepper my brother, another for your mother
double double supersize and don't forget the fries

Will lacrosse, chest, bridge or poker ever get into the olympics?

I don't know. Can you?

*Just Say No To Boca Burgers*

Did you see Apolo Ohno on Fox and Friends this morning? I sure like him, do you?

You can have a hamburger today if you gladly pay me Tuesday.

Which countries will do best in the Olympics?


Which olympic race does the winner never pass the winning post?

Id bike about 35 miles first, then you can have a Big Mac, Ive done the math, theyll cancel each other out.

Facts about javelen?

you can

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