Can you make alof of money for running track?

I know that track is a sport but there doesnt seem like theres any money involved except endorsments...Is this true?


Where can I do olympic weightlifting at? and get instruction?

There's more money than just endorsements to be made. World class tracksters from all running distances stand to make good money at track meets around the world.
Sponsors of meets have prize monies for each event.
It's the endorsements that get the athlete there.
Once you find a sponsor to fund you, they pay for your room, lodging, feeding, sportswear, etc. If you're good enough to win prize money, it's your's & the taxman's.

Has anybody been to the Olympics?

Yes its true unless you become a sports commentator or win big at the Olympics.

What is the record for the highest jumper in the high jump?

even the endorsements will be lame. figure that the only time you'll even get endorsements will be around olympics time and that's pretty much about it.

I hate NBC!?

There is a professional Track Circuit. You may get some info from trying the NFTL on google.

Anyone throw discus?How far do you throw it?

I dont think so. I guess depends on how good you are. It would also be who you know as far as how to get sponsors goes.

In what sport is India taking part in Turin winter olympics?

You can get money from endorsements from a shoe company, you'll make money in Europe not North Americarun in the circuit, prize money is up to $100 000, there is also a share of gold bars if you win 5 races. But to really make any money you have to be in the top 5 in these races.

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