Are atheletes stupid?

Do you think they're people too stupid for acadmia? Even the top atheletes.


Who won gold medal in the 2006 men's 20km biathlon?

Of course man.

Why do you think they're atheletes.

Why were the 5 colors chosen to represent the countries in the olympics?

Some have more brawn than brains. Many Pro atheletes complete their college degrees. David Robinson formerly of the San Antonio Spurs was a naval officer on a Submarine before he became a pro baskerball player.

Which countries competed in the olympics 2004?

Athletes are not stupid.

It takes lots of healthy brain cells to figure out what to do, how to eat, how to build muscle, how to compete in the chosen sport.'

What are the requirments to be on level 2 gymnastics?

They are only as stupid as everybody else - they just have better physical ability to go along with it.
Oh, and it is customary to end questions with a "?", there, birdy.

How many athletes have won olympic medals in different sports at different olympic games? Any ideas or names?

they must be smarter than i am. i never got paid millions for playing a game.

I want to now what the heptalo(spanish) is?


When is the closing ceremony for winter olympic of torin italy?

no, but athletics in D-1 are more than a full-time job, how many students could handle spending as much time and energy as athletes do and still get good grades? not very many. a lot of athletes just aren't motivated, if they get good grades without working hard, why should they even try to work hard? and of course some athletes are stupid, but there are a lot of people who aren't athletes who are stupid too, but they just aren't important enough to have lots of other people caring about and criticizing what they do

What do the five circles of the Olympic flag stand for?

those in individual sports r. those who play football or basketball must memorize plays and routes.

Where is the olympic homepage of athens 2004 to be found?

Athletes are not stupid.
Someof them are, like peoplewho are not athletes: some of them are stupid, others not!

It does not matter if an athlete plays a singleor team sport.
I personally know some people who play basketball. Basketball is a sport in which you have to use schemes and think fast. Many people believe yopumust be really intelligent if you are a good basketball player. Not true. Some guys I know are good at basketball, but are relly dumb in the other things, in real life. They are stupid.
I think they are really good at this sport because they have a good perception of the game, the understand what is happening around when they play basketball.
But basketball is not like soccer. Soccer is easier, I mean, youdon'thave to do all that schemes that basketball players have to do. So, I guess, you don't need to be intelligent to play soccer.
I suppose you should find it easier to play basketball if youwere intelligent, but I repeat, it all depends on your own percepotion of the game.
Some people are really intelligent, but find it relly hard to use their brain when they play sport.

Many people think that "swimmers are stupid because you don'thave to think when you swim".
Not true.
Some swimmers are smart, others not, just like people who are not athletes. Of course, they don't have to think much, but they are wonderful athletes and they work really really hard to get prepared for competitions. They are admirable.

In the late 70ss early 80s was there not a record of 22 ft set ?

Most of them are smarter than you, I'm sure. You can't even spell correctly.
There's a lot of football players who've got their degrees in business law & management.
I agree that there's a lot whom would be less than blue-collar guys without the pay of pro sports. And, we wind up reading about how they squandered what they did have like the Houston Astro pitcher J.R. Richards from the 80s.

Was there a third goalie in the 1980 Gold Medal Hockey team and he was left off of the team? What was his name


What is a good gymnastics website for kids?


Why are Aussie's so good at sport?

No, you (who can't spell) are stupid.What the heck are atheletes?
They are called, say it with me slowly
ath letes

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