2012 days to go ..?

Question:Today marks 2012 days to go to the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Games.

If you could what event would you like to be in?


Help!! track and field info?

I like the running, but I'm nowhere near good enough!! Judo looks good too.
Nice calculation!

When did the figure skating olympics start?

I wish I was fit enough to be a decathelete.

Is NBC trying to kill the Olympics?

'Pole Vaultin'!

No doubt 'Taxed to the hilt' will be a full Olympic sport by 2012...perhaps I'll enter myself for that!

Can you tell me about the 6 events of men's gymnastics?

thats years away.

1976 olympics?

Ice skating I think.

This has been the lowest rated Olympics so far in history, are you watching? I'm bored by the whole thing.

I'd love to be able to do the clever gymnastics stuff. I work in Stratford and there is a counter outside the train station - my God I hope I don't have to walk past it another 2012 (x 2) times!

Why can professional hockey players play in the Olympics? Isn't it supposed to be only for amatuers?


Are you happy that Chicago got the bid over L.A.?

softball. it is the best sport out there in my opinion. i think that it was stupid that they took it out because there where so many people that went to there games. i am including baseball when i say this.

If you run track is it bad to run on your heels?

Are we aloud to choose a winter sport? Ice Hockey, totally.

Why do black people make better runners?

table tennis because it looks so great

Why do athletes run anti clockwise?

i would do any track event

and just so that one girl knows there won't be softball or baseball in the games starting in 2012 so she couldn't play softball

i would have to say that my favorite event though would be the 110m
hurdles i would kick *** too

Where would you like to see the 2014 Winter Olympics Games?

diving 3 & 10 m

How do blind people compete in the 100 meters at the special olympics?

YAY! Can hardly wait! I'd persnally would like to be in swimming. Wonder who will host the 2016 Games? I'm sad San Francisco how to widthdraw their bid :(

Do any olympic runners have tips on how I can run a sprint above my 15 m.p.h?

Triple Jump!!!

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