Bet you didn't know this one?

The tradition of carrying the Olympic flame from Greece to where ever the games are held was Hitler's idea for the Munich Olympics. People so enjoyed seeing the runners carrying the flame that despite Hitler's reputation, the Olympic Committee decided to keep doing it.


How many events in the Melbourne Commonwealth games?

Did you know that it was also because of Hitler that the heads of state of the host countries are now only allowed to say the phrase "I declare these games of the ____ Summer/Winter Olympiad officially open" ?

I have an Ausrailian 1918 football medal anyone got any ideas about its value and history?

Didn't know this! Cool! :)))

Is colin jackson married?

i thought everyone knew that, it is comon knowlege

Name five us athletes participating in the winter olympics?

Yep I did know that, but thanks for bringing it to everyones attention! :-)

Times was sprinter Marion Jones tested for using performance enhancing drugs?

Yes I knew of it. In keeping with the spectacle of Aryan supremacy he decided to do that. You should see the movie Olympia by Leni Reifenstal, a documentary of the 1936 Berlin Games. I am a sort of expert in Olympic history.

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