Can the UK financially support the Olympic games?

Question:In respect to the recent estimated costs the answer would be a great big NO. Will money continue to be made available even given the ever rising costs? Finally would the UK be able to cover its costs from the Games?
What on earth possessed the powers that be, to give the green light to holding the Olympic Games in the UK, knowing that Greece have been considerably out of pocket since they held the games.


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Of course UK can afford it, look at the wonderful fabulous dome we built for the millenium...Lets allow our old people to die, babies to perish in our crap hospitals, the crime to sore due to lack of policing as long as some tw@ can throw a stick a couple of hundred meters or assorted overpaid morons can run round a track in designer shoes.
Tell the government that you have noting to say and they will give you a grant to write a book about it.
Pathetic.....thats why I bailed out......VIVA ESPANIA

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Well lets take some examples of projects in Uk which came in on time and budget.The Dome, The Scottish Parliament, Wembly Stadium, need I go on..Already areas around the proposed site are losing facilities as they are demolished...What a waste of money..Not only that but what benefit will there be to the rest of UK? I fear we will be a laughing stock, yet again the Aussies will show us the way...

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Historically the Olympics have always been a burden on whichever nation hosts them. If I recall correctly only the 1984 games (Los Angeles) and 1936 games (Berlin) actually made a profit. All the rest have ended up out of pocket.

They are, however, a massive boost to the prestige of the city that hosts them.

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For me, it is doubtful that GBR can support it but I think they will manage it because host nations have never failed in their preparation. But I went to Heathrow last month and the athletes complaints about how bad the food is over there were justified. That is a problem they just must fix. I can't imagine being a professional athlete with all the glory and then being treated to such 'food'. Brits, your food is tasteless and completely pointless. The next time I go to Heathrow, I am seriously going to bring my own food. My final assessment is that they can support it except they need to work on some things. After all, they should strive to make the athletes feel at home!

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Crikey Mate!
Surely a rich,developed nation like Britain can cope!
We did and you're three times our size (Aussie)!!

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