Are the olympics a waste of time and money?I saw movies about it and think its stupid.What do you think?!?!?

ive seen movies about the olympics where less than 10 guys from countries all over the world come to spend like 5000 dollars+ on airfare and maybe what 100grand more on there stay in whatever country there being held at.With that money we could find a cure for diabetes.and what results from it?one country goes home happy while everyone else is pissed off about something that happens once every what(four years??)and there is probably millions spent on it alone.Personnally i think its just a waste of time,and precious money that can be used to help people rather then bring jealously and hatred.


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Yes I have always believed they are a waste of time. I mean really, who cares?

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Movies are not always a good source for facts. Countries who host the Olympics provide free housing for the athletes. The teams are sent by the countries they represent so the money is not out of the athletes pocket. Also, the Olympic games represent a way that countries can compete without violence. Look up the 1936 Olympics, where Jesse Owens, a Black man from the USA won all his events, and embarrassed Hitler who was saying that his white athletes were superior. Finally, venues built for the Olympics are there for the people of the country when the Games are over.

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There is so much money spent on the Olympics that a lot of the time the host city actually loses money due to building stadiums and having to remodel the city just to have the games. I think its a huge waste of money and unless the city already has plenty of up to date and modern venues you should not want the Olympics to come to your city because you the tax payer are going to pay for it in the long run. The city should use the money for other things no matter what they might be.

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I would say that it isn't stupid. Although costs can be high, sports is one of the few things that all people, regardless of race or language, can share. Impaired people can share their stories and show compasion. Great athletes come together and can bring about the will for change. The Olympics stopped wars before, and it continues to be a great way to show off pride as a nation and a planet.

Also, it takes a lot of money to treat diabetes, billions to cure everyone, and the olympics come every two years with many happy they even got to the greatest sport competition on the face of the planet.

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Cities all over the world spend an incredible amount of money on attempting to attract tourism, conventions, and similar events to their community. The Olympics is just one such opportunity. Surely, a lot of money is spent on infrastructure improvements for the Olympics, but the new and improved roads and transit systems are in place forever for the people of the community. Travelers who spend $100grand on vacations are incredibly desired in the tourism community, and the cities know that by attracting the Olympics that such visitors will come to view the community. And the tax revenue which is generated by that single $100grand visitor is tax revenue which the local taxpayer does not have to pay.

Jealousy & hatred? Because of the Olympics? Those exist whether or not the Olympics exist. In most individual sports, the Olympics are the pinnacle event for contestants. Kids grow up dreaming of the gold medal. It is truly an international competition which brings more goodwill than jealousy & hatred. The Jamaican bobsled team might just be more excited at the opportunity to take part than the team that wins a medal. Remember the original USA Basketball "Dream Team", where opponents were excited to get dunked on by Jordan & Co.? The Olympics are just as much for the love of the game, not just winning.

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I think that you are confusing the commercialism of the Games ( which I also detest, to a large extent) with the spirit of the Olympic movement itself, and what that spirit means to the cities and nations who host the Games. Like many people, I too have become incensed with the commercialism that has permeated the Olympic Games for the last 30 or so years. The decision some years ago by the IOC which allows professionals from the NBA, NHL, and the MLB teams to compete at the Games didn't help- and it has had the effect of tilting the playing field in favor of those countries who can afford to have teams made up of multi-million dollar professional athletes. The so called "Dream Team" in basketball wasn't a team- it was an embarrassment. That competition was HARDLY fair, by ANYONE's definition of the word- the sole purpose for having that "Dream Team" was to crush the heart and spirit of every other nation in the Olympic tournament that was foolish enough to field a team. This has been true in every other Olympiad since that time, and frankly, I have to admit I'm embarrassed by and even a lttle ashamed by the arrogant way the US athletes act. This isn't what the Olympics are supposed to be about- and they weren't set up to facilitate oneupmanship by any country. The other thing that bothers me where the Olympics are concerned is the issue of amateurism. There are those who have said that the amateur sports movement is dead now, that all athletes who compete internationally are and should be professionals, but I don't agree with this because this essentially means that there are limited opportunities for the "little guy" at best. It means that kids who dream of becoming a world-class athlete may never get a chance to do it, simply because we already have paid professionals who have the experience and are more likely to win medals already in place. It takes away the motivation for kids who might otherwise aspire to be at the top of their sport when this is the case, and ALL sports, which depend on the kids in the up and coming generations to replace athletes who retire or die, tend to suffer as a result. This is an issue that the IOC needs to revisit and rethink. There is too much money in the Games as it is, without placing restrictions on who can train to become an athlete and in what sports. Movies are not good sources of information about anything unless they are documentaries- but I agree that there is far more money spent on the Olympics than should be the case. I also know that there are cities that have lost a lot of money by hosting the Games- here in the US and around the world. As for the infrastructure being available forever for the people of the host country afterwards, I can tell you now that most of the venues that were built in Sarejevo for the '84 Games don't exist anymore, thanks to the wars and the US bombing attacks of the 90's. The hockey arena where skater Scott Hamilton won his gold was destroyed by a rocket attack, and the former stadium has been turned into a mass cemetary now. None of these facilities will ever be rebuilt, apparently- which is a sad testament to the way people treat each other. These are just some of my thoughts.

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