400m hurdles Help?

What should i do in that race try to sprint it all or what ?


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hey im an experienced track runner and i was close with a lot of hurdlers...all they said to do was jump over the hurdles as fast as u can and burn everything u have left after the last one...i no thats not much of an answer but i woudlnt sprint the whole thing u might be going to fast to hurdle but idk your speed so

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The 400H is a sprint. You are running as fast as you can, but like all hurdles races it is most important to control your stride pattern so you will hit the hurdle on stride without chopping. It is best if you can alternate lead legs so when your stride shortens as you tire you only have to drop one step, not two. The effort to run this race is supposed to be about like running 425 meters on the flat. I am not sure about that comparison. I have run the 400 hurdles for years. I enjoy the event. It requires hard 400 training and hurdle work. The hurdles are only 36 inches so you do not have to raise your center of gravity or lay out as you do in the 110H. There are ways to practice and train for the event by running over portions of the race. Set up all 10 hurdles. Start from the blocks and go over the first 5, walk to 7, run from 7 go over 8,9, &10, run to the finsh. Rest 5 minutes. Start at 2 run and go over 3,4,5, 6, 7, & 8. Rest 5 minutes. Start from the blocks go over the first 2, walk to 5, run to and go over 6,7,8,9, & 10, run to the finish. This makes you feel like the finish of the race. You might use more rest. You can run and hurdle and duplicate your race fatigue. There are lots of things you can do: Start from the blocks and go over the first 5X5 with 5 minutes rest. Mix up flat interval days with hurdle interval days. I always do some hurdle drills everyday on the track whether doing flat intervals or hurdle intervals. Like all races you must run to the finish, the last hurdle is not the finish of the race, because you have another 40 meters to run. So the simple answer to your question is you are going all out, but you must control your stride pattern, or you are burning too much energy trying to correct your hurdles action. I also coach hurdles and track.

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