Are Snails any good at track n field sports? if so which 1's?


What is the shotput throwing cartwheel technique for women (or men)?

They kick *** at the 10,000 metres.

What's the difference in length on a field track between inside and outside lanes in the quarter mile?

They are terrible at Javelin.

How is athletics played in nigeria?

sea snails are! the ones at the bottom, the very bottom...

Does any one know why Mexico isn't at the winter olympics in Torino?

no, they are too shell shocked for sport

How to you do a back handspring at home or where can I find a coach for free in Georgia?

yep, the hammer snail, good at the high jump, maybe

What will the demonstration sports at the 2012 Olympics be?

They are good at flat racing but never enter them in the Hurdles as they can trip over them and in the relay they are last and cant hand over the baton properly as they become very sluggish.

Will Justin Gatlin defend his title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

im guessin sea snails would beat garden snails in the swimming

Spanish country wth more olympic medals?

They're rubbish at Pole Faulting

Can u give me some facts?...?

the "lighthop" in the film "the never ending story" had a racing snail, unfortunately what type it was was not specified, but african land snails make good eating!

Why isn't ringette in the olympics?

They are a good source of energy.

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