Answer this those who are intrested in cricket?

does any body likes sachin tendulkar in our indian team


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never heard of it

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yes i do

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ok! thank you for your question. in front of people i say that i don't like him but actually i like him ( playing only ). one time he hits a century and anoter time he is duck out. but still i like him playing.

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Sachin of-course is (was) a great cricketer but now its high time he realise his limitations . If he continues to play and act in the present way , he is not supposed to be in our team . I think Sachin at present is only a shadow of what he used to be 10 yrs ago . He fails to perform whenever the team wants him to . The problem with Indians is that once they love someone they seem to ignore his mistakes . That is the case with Sachin .No one should be a permanent member in our team . Selection should be based on performance . In that case Sachin will have to prove his worth if he is a great cricketer and age should not be a restriction to that . Otherwise this is the best time for his FAREWELL CEREMONY !!

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Yes i do. Who will hate the master blaster.

We cannot hate him for his performance in the World cup. Guys. Pls try to remember the days when Sachin himself as a one man army sailed the ship named India to the island of success.

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sachin is a gr8 cricketer but unfortunately he always failed in mega event.
god know.

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Yes, as long as he bats like the Sacin Tendulkar of the past. At that time, his batting was a visual delight. His current form is nowhere near that. So he might graciously consider to give his place in the Indian cricket team to a promising youngster.

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I like him as a play as a person I have never meet him.

Badminton problems?

This is sillly

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Sachin is indeed one of the finest batsmen that India has ever produced. His international cricketing career is full of records (41 ODI and 35 Test centuries! That's no joke!). It is indeed unfortunate that he is now a subject of criticism after India's early exit from the coveted World Cup. Age and injuries (remember the tennis elbow?) have mellowed him down and he is way past his prime form. But with over 14000 runs in ODIs and over 10000 runs in Tests, he will remain as one of the best batsmen the cricketing world has seen!

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yes, everybody like sachin tendulaker because sachin is a

master blaster and bomey bomber.

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How is it related to Olympics ? Anyways , as of present Sachin does not seem to be enjoying when he is out playing . I think he should take a short break of 4-5 months and then decide whether he wants to continue playing cricket or not .

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