Are there any professional athletes who dont use steroids?


What are some differences between modern olympics and ancient olympics?

yeah in sports where skill is needed rather than power steroids are no use at all.

Why does the USA choke on the international level in almost every sport?


Norifumi Yamamoto - Will he be in Beijing 2008?

British athletics has gone well down hill - the USA are dominating as they do everything i can see them taking over football sooner rather than later! Must be hard thou as an athlete to watch everything u eat and drink

Why are drugs used in sport?

There are lots of professional athletes who don't use steroids. For instance Floyd Landis. High testosterone is not from steroid use. All professional sports test for drugs. Baseball was the last bastion of the steroid dependent athlete however even they have tightened up.

Sadly the users get a lot more publicity than the non-users.

What do you think about gymnast?

Was a prof athlete myself,and there is so much crap going on in sport.the whole drug thing is more corrupt than R.Mugabe.

Cnt you send photos oj the 2006 gladrags mrs india contesties and the winner, runners up ?

I think Ice Dancing and Golf are still relatively clean.

Otherwise, it seems like all the great heroes of sport are getting caught, or at least suspected. But even Babe Ruth had liquid enhancement formulas. Some people today call it beer.

What is better? An 800m runner going down to 400m or a 200m runner going up to 400m?

If there are they are not in the top echelon, Sorry Chatty but too high a level of testosterone that was shown is from steroid an illegal substance use. oh it must have been all the sleep he got right, Dennis Mitchell once tried to use I had a lot of sex and scotch the night before.

How come theres no skateboarding under sports on .It's a sport.?

Yup! Dart Players, that is a professional sport.

How can spikes help you sprint?

The Cuban baseball team. Best in world!

What is the best kind of clothes for running in cold weather?

yes,the trouble is theyre mostly ours. either that or weve a dope giving the drugs out

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