Can an amputee with an artificial leg participate in the regular olympics?

...if he's faster than normal ppl or does he have to go for the paralympic team. Are there any paralymic records that are better than the olympics?


Is it unfair that only paraleptics can enter the olympics for wheel chair racing?

An amputee, no matter how good, would be required to participate in the paralympics. Here is the link to the official Paralympics website:

A number of ex-olympians who later faced devastating injuries have gone on to be champions in the Paralympics.

You can not do a head to head comparison of the Olympics and Paralympics because the requirements are different, so there are no comparable records. The Paralympics in many ways are even more difficult than the Olympics since the athletes are expected to have superior abilities despite their disabilities.

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If his time is right...he can do anything.

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It's no less man, woman, or child. Anything is possible. There was a guy called:

' Proteus - The Mighty Dwarf ' - A scientist.

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I'm sure they could compete, as long as their artificial limb wasn't considered to give them an unfair advantage.

The only event where I know the paralympic record to be lower would be the marathon. I've seen wheelchair athletes easily complete that event in less than two hours.

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Yes, an amputee can compete as long as their prosthetic device wouldn't somehow give the person and unfair advantage and they're able to qualify under the same rules as any other athlete is required to.

And no, I don't know of any paralympics record that are superior to the regular Olympic or World Record with the exception being the Marathon...

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Although people who are disabled have participated in the standard Olympics. There have been several Deaf athletes, and some who were legally blind, for example.

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Believe it is yes but they must qualify through that sports qualifying round. Unfortunately, chance s are slim when competing against other non-handicap athletes.

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