Are track & field college athletes allowed to keep their eligibility after trying out for an olympic sport?

Are rules for Division 1 and Division 2 athletes different?


How many medals do you believe the US Olympics representatives will win in the Torino Olympics this year?

Yes. However they will lose their NCAA eligibilty if they "turn pro" or they take money or gifts from sponsors.
The rules for all Divisions are the same.

Which year was the first Olympics held?

Yes because the Olympics are still considered an amateur sport. You will lose it if for instance you run track & field and turn pro and go to Europe and run in those high paid gala meets going on now through the summer

Which year was the first olympics held?

Yes. As long as you aren't a professional in track and field.

The NCAA allows you to be a pro in one sport but still be eligible in another.

There are athletes playing pro baseball in the summer who are eligible to play college football in the following fall. For example, Jeff Samardzija is pitching for the Boise Hawks, a Cubs farm club this summer, and will play football for Notre Dame this fall.

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