100metres dash and 400 metres Timing?

What is a decent time for a male asian amateur runner for 100m and 400m ?


I am a cheerleader and i can't seem to do a back handspring how do i do one?

It depends on your age and competition class. I'd say about 10.7 and 49.0 or better. For example, China's national records are 10.17 & 45.25

What do the five rings on the Olympics emblem stand for?

At are county championship meet in south florida the 100meter time was 10.33 and 400meter was like a 48.00. If your near those times you should be good.

If 13 people are in a race 3 people get hurt 7 people stop and 4 people come back(how many people in the race)

I know michael johnson and he has run the 400m in a world record 43.18, I think... Wow

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